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It’s been a while…

Inspired by “On Writing” by Stephen King, I decided to write, assigned by my creative writing professor, about a topic I am well familiar with. I am curious to whomever reads this blog, what is it about The Walking Dead that keeps you watching week after week? Is it specifically your love of zombies and the world of zombies? Or maybe you love a few of the characters, Daryl, and hoping they make the cut the next week like watching an episode of Survivor? Here is my reason. Enjoy.

TWD words

On “The Walking Dead”

What would I think if I were to wake up to a world which has been completely transformed? The roads are clogged with immovable vehicles, some with rotting carcasses inside. Many houses are vacant but for the few that are used as fortresses. Their windows boarded up, doors are barricaded, and pantries stocked up with an assortment of canned foods. Restaurants and grocery stores are no longer bustling businesses but scenes of mass looting. The “people” that walk, no drag, their slack bodies around in search of the living. They are “The Walking Dead.” Rules for the game of life have changed, and my survival depends on figuring them out. Every direction I turn, death has reared its ugly face. I can run in search of some place safe, but that’s just a lie. I can fight and fight and fight until exhaustion takes over, and then fight some more, however; no matter how many battles I win the war can’t be won.
When I tune in for the show on Sunday nights, it’s not to see the skulls bashed or blood and guts ripped from the living. I’m there to follow the lives of those who struggle for hope in a hopeless world. Each person has had to watch friends and family taken from them in such devastating fashion. They carry the burden like sandbags placed on their hearts, and the only way to sustain the weight is through the help of their companions. What’s interesting is how each individual handles the life they have been given. Rick surges forward with the goal in mind to find stability for his group. Each day is wrought with peril, however; up ahead there could be the answer to his prayers. A sanctuary where evil can’t enter. A home where they can finally get a full night of sleep. Darryl is the lone crossbow man who doesn’t like to be idle. Thoughts can wander during times of unproductivity. In a world like this thinking can be a hazardous exercise. He finds security in numbers, and like a soldier he fights for the man or woman beside him. There are other adversaries in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Humans who have no respect for life. Their moral code is eat or be eaten.
As I watch “The Walking Dead”, I can’t help but compare it to the life of a parent with a child who has special needs. Actually anybody that faces death on a regular basis can relate. When my wife and I were told about our daughters’ disorder, and her ultimate fate, we both felt like we just woke up to a life in peril. We held onto faith in a brighter future for her, free from suffering. Each new drug was a new hope which got bashed in like the skulls of zombies, but we surged forward like Rick. I understand the desire not to be idle like Darryl as I busy myself with schoolwork in an effort to not think about our life…too much. We have friends and family who fight along with us and carry us when we are down. When these characters on the show lose a life and fight on I too am fighting along with them.


#30 “Disgrace” by J.M. Coetzee

I just finished reading “Disgrace” on my lunch break. I now stand at my work station waiting for the starting bell to sound for the monotony of truck building to commence for the next two hours until the end of my shift. The air feels heavy with disillusionment. Yeah, I initially thought it was asbestos too. Each breath seems to enter my stomach weighing me down or it could be the two pounds of barbeque from “Shigs and Pit” I scarfed down a few days ago. No… I know with sixty percent certainty that it is directly related to the content of the aforementioned novel.

In this two hundred and twenty page book I trudged along laboriously reading about David Lurie’s downward spiral from a position of esteemed English professor to a lowly assistant of an animal shelter who aids in euthanizing and disposing of injured and unwanted animals.

How did this happen? I’m glad you asked.

David Lurie made a series of bad decisions based on faulty reasoning with the backing of his chemical composition. No. he doesn’t have a psychological disorder. He’s just a typical guy flirting with fire who finally got burned. So, David Lurie likes sex. No… he NEEDS sexual release. He had a good plan from the beginning; he saw on a regular basis, an escort by the name of Soraya. Lurie hopes that this will satiate his hunger (faulty reasoning number one). But one day by chance, they spotted each other outside of their weekly “meetings”. Soraya was with her two boys and that glimpse into a non-sexual part of her life was awkward for them both and eventually led to the termination of the arrangement.

Next scene: David comes across a student of his, Melanie Isaacs,  “dawdling” “through the old college gardens”. After inviting her up to his place for all intents and purposes to seduce her into bed she woke out of her naive trance realizing that she was about to have coitus with her fifty-two year old professor with his aged body and gross wrinkly balls. She leaves with no harm. Later as he  battled within himself over whether to accept the reality of the situation (it’s just ICKY) or give into his desire, the latter won out. He tactically pursued her whereabouts, caught her off guard, overcame her and got what he wanted without a struggle.

A complaint was filed which led to him being confronted by a committee of his peers. He plead guilty and lost his job and respect. All of this occurs in the first fifty-five pages.

The rest of the one hundred and sixty-five pages reminded me of the last few episodes of “Breaking Bad” when Walter White discovered that his actions have created some serious repercussions. Instead of admitting his mistakes he continued spouting his pompous drivel of “I’m doing this for sake of my family”.  Likewise David Lurie pridefully admitted his actions were justified explaining to his daughter (faulty reasoning number two):

“When you were small, when we were still living in Keniworth, the people next door had a dog, a golden retriever…It was a male. Whenever there was a bitch in the vicinity it would get excited and unmanageable, and with Pavlovian regularity the owners would beat it. This went on until the poor dog didn’t know what to do. At the smell of a bitch it would chase around the garden with its ears flat and its tail between its legs, whining, trying to hide…There was something ignoble in the spectacle that I despaired. One can punish a dog, it seems to me, for an offense like chewing a slipper. A dog will accept the justice of that: a beating for a chewing. But desire is another story. No animal will accept the justice of being punished for following its instincts…that poor dog had begun to hate its own nature.”

Well, the rest of the story as you might have expected from my second paragraph didn’t go well for David. I wanted there to be restitution for his actions but it really doesn’t feel satisfying when it actually happens.

Can I be honest?? I am a male, big surprise. Glad I got that off my chest. Phew!! Seriously though, I can relate to this character. I used to go to bars and dance clubs and how often I’ve seen and heard men using many tactics to catch their prey off guard in the hopes of getting laid from the simple “can I buy you a drink” to the lame when I actually heard someone say they were a rocket scientist. Does this work ladies?

Like in “Disgrace” we have the pursuer and the victim. In the bar setting both parties are subject to my earlier statement, “bad decisions based on faulty reasoning with the backing of his chemical composition.” As in animals we feel the heat of passion and want to release the pressure. As humans we have deductive reasoning and forethought that going home with someone at the bar will usually not end with a positive note. Oh well we only live once right?? I hate that comment. I would like to hear someone say that after they find out their pregnant or contracted an STD.

I have no game. No skills. All I got is my tireless attempts at making eye contact and I know how to shake my booty. I recall once walking around the dance floor, scoping out the ladies, beer in hand, when I spotted a lady staring me down. So this is eye contact. Surprised, I continued walking sipping my beer and glancing in her direction again. Still locked in my direction. I turned around to see if someone was behind me that was the recipient of this look. As you can tell I was not used to this. I danced with her and left it at that. I didn’t want to be a baby daddy.

The application after reading this novel is use deductive reasoning before allowing yourself to fall prey to your passions.


“A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.”

“There’s no crying in baseball!”

“Here’s Johnny!”

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

“I see dead people.”


How long does it take many of you to come up with the answer to which movies each line originated? Great!! Do you remember the time when you first watched the scenes from these movies? Maybe it’s like last nights lasagna leftovers which tastes even better the second time around. Quick bonds are made once you find you have this love for a movie in common. I have had some interesting conversations with random people just because I was wearing a Harry Potter shirt. We enjoyed our experiences so much it too hard to contain the excitement. Can’t wait for someone to know when you say “My Precious” they respond “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!” from “The Lord of the Rings.”

I love to read and many times I have that same itching desire to share my thoughts and experiences with others but it’s often easier to find someone who has seen the movie “The Life of Pi” than actually read it. So I chose to blog about my experiences and send it into the world to find others to share it with. Technology baby!

Why not choose books at random instead an already preordained list? I like that the list bounces around to many genres, it covers centuries of novels from the classics of “Alice in Wonderland”, to the more obscure like “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime”. Not only that but the authors span the entire globe allowing for the reader to get a taste of the written cuisine each culture provides. I am sure “The 1001 books to read before you die” left out a few novels that some people would argue deserves there. I would be willing to listen to those suggestions and blog about your favorites as well when I take a break from focusing on the aforementioned list.

For those new to bookinthroughbooks for the past year I was writing on Google’s blogger and am switching over to WordPress. Blogger was a great starting point for what I needed which was basically to write my thoughts and post a few pictures. Almost a year later I still am dedicated to my goal of reading all these great novels and sharing it with whomever and I want to upgrade what I can do to my blog. Starting to feel like MySpace but cooler. To those who followed I hope for you to follow me to WordPress and that the format will make your reading experience more enjoyable including some added features and hopefully commenting will be much easier.

If you didn’t know what movie belonged to each quote. Here’s the answers. In sequential order.

  • “The Silence of the Lambs”
  • “A League of their Own”
  • “The Shining”
  • “When Harry met Sally”
  • “Sixth Sense”