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Its been a while since my last post. Why, you ask? At the beginning of October we went to Orlando, Florida on a Make-A-Wish trip. We stayed at the amazing Give Kids the World Village which also supplied my family tickets to more theme parks than you can see in a six-day period. If we could have that one day, like in the movie “Groundhog Day”, to be repeated over and over again it would be any one day on the trip. It was great to share in that once-in-a-lifetime experience with my parents and in-laws (who are also huge Disney fans). The volunteers at The Village (I miss you free ice cream people), the people who donated to this wonderful cause, and the theme parks’ VIP service to Make-A-Wish families made all of our experience unforgettable.

Karma! Life finds a way to balance itself or so it seems. After coming back from Orlando we had only a short couple of weeks to recover and relish in the trip before the first snowfall and cold weather hit. What came with the early winter was sickness. Layla had bacterial pneumonia (which brought on new seizures), Maggie had a never-ending cough and stuffy nose which included pink-eye, I fought through my bout of bronchitis, and Amy was achy with a  sore throat while taking care of us all. Of course as adults with kids we don’t have the privilege of comfortably recovering from our illnesses. On television we see a family all red-nosed and hoarse while sprawled on the couches in the living room. The kids are cradled up against the mom and dad…it could be a humorous sight but in real life…IT SUCKS!! Pneumonia is nothing to shrug at for lissencephaly kids. From Halloween to almost Christmas we have only enjoyed a few sick free days.

Another reason why I have taken a break in my reading and blog-writing is because we are taking steps towards relocating our family to Oregon.

Not only do I love the cool mistiness in the air, the picturesque landscape and being within close proximity to the ocean. But, living in Portland, Oregon as opposed to Fort Wayne, Indiana will offer all the doctors we need for Layla within thirty minutes as compared to a two-hour drive to Indianapolis. We would have family support within our city. There are a few alternative methods for treating seizures that are not offered for those living in most other states. The difficulties we have encountered since our children were born has been an eye opener that life is so much more than earning a paycheck. I want to inspire and be inspired. I want what’s best for our family. Sticking it out in Indiana would be the safe choice. Good job. Good insurance. There’s no excitement in those words. I don’t want to read about harrowing life journeys that leave me examining my mundane one. What if it could be better? What can I do to improve our future, our present? What life lessons do I want to teach my children. What kind of husband do I want to be for my wife? I ask these questions daily. I decided, with my wife’s consent, that I will try my best to give my family and myself the best life possible. Oregon here we come!!